To me inner work is so incredibly challenging. Exciting. Frightening. But necessary and SO worth it. During the last two years I reflected and analyzed a lot about the inner and outer world, learned even more about myself and the people I’m surrounded by. 

What I realized is: we all have issues. We all cary guilt, shame, anger, sadness, fear, pain, joy, lust, happiness, curiosity and tons of other emotions with us. They might affect our day-to-day, they might come from past-regression, from our childhoods, from us being traumatized.

After talking to many many lovely souls I came up with the idea „working on my boundaries“ — a very unique (and my very first!) merch-collection which speaks for itself. So you don’t need to say much about how and what you might feel today, the fabric does it for you. 🙂


So, I’ll start to produce my first merch-collection slowly.*

*Get the first „FEELING MELANCHOLIC“ shirt now on EVERPRESS — the campaign runs until 3rd of January. So you better be fast! Limited edition, worldwide shipping. Eco-friendly & fairly produced. 


So when was the last time you tuned in?


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