Inner blossom — the anatomy of healing

This year has been challenging to all of us in ways we would have never imagined.

I struggled, too. So I tuned inwards and started to draw all the emotions that came up, everything I felt. I listened to my body and inner voice, until I felt the change — when it all started to bloom from within.

Meditating keeps me sane during these uncertain times. During my practice I’ve been traveling through my body, saw organs and body parts which were either in pain or otherwise affected and I needed to pay more attention to. That’s why I started those beautiful illustrations, which will soon be part of my very own first oracle-deck. Every bone, muscle, vein, … it’s all important. It’s all necessary to exist. 

I’m still scared to share it with the world, but for some reason I know this might be what so many of us need — the inner blossom. Stay tuned and have a look at my first sneak peek!














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