2nd Franzine

„No hablo Español“ is my second zine, which I call Franzine. Background: I’ve been living in Mexico for quite a while. This country has been magical to me and I’m still really connected to it. I settled in Mexico-City, found my roots in Oaxaca and felt for the people, all the tasty tacos and chipotles en adobo. 

My zine will feature the ups and downs, Tostadas, Quesadillas, Tlajudas, Gorditas, Enchiladas, Huitlacoche, drinking phrases and traditions, families and how you become a part of it and how I ended up being a German with a Mexican heart. I truly miss it every day but feel so blessed with all the lovely friends I made – and I’m grateful to share my journey with you. I wish you fall in love as fast as I did.

Still a lot of work ahead – I hope you enjoy the sneak peak. Stay tuned and eat Tacos until it’s done. ¡Hasta pronto!







Just the thought of it, makes me watering my mouth. This illustration is inspired by my – not one and only – but most favorite place in CDMX, called „El Rey del Taco“. This street food place is between Centro-Médico and Hospital General, open 24/7 and small enough to be not even listed on Google Maps. 





If you ever end up there: ask for the „Al Pastor con Piña“ (meaty version) or the champiñónes con patatas (my vegan go to option). They also serve them with tons of queso (if you ask for it) or aguacate. SO FREAKING GOOD. Here’s the pin I set on Google Maps. ¡Provecho!





Traveling through a country is something that really keeps me going.
I had some lovely company who showed me the incredible pyramids from
Teotihuacán, explored Morelos (especially Cocoyoc & Tepoztlán) with
me and taught me how amazing living in Latin America can be.

I’m forever thankful for this.



I’ve got a mexican heart.


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