Create a website for sustainable finance

Web Design, Layout, Branding, Infographics

1,5 months 

fixed price, def. more hours than we could bill, but we loved the project so we didn’t mind putting extra work in 😇

Something worth fighting for

One of my biggest tasks so far was to create a special website for WWF, which demonstrates the value of nature and the links between financial and environmental risks. To me this is also a very important topic and it’s one of my aims to protect our planet. So I was really happy to create this experience while I was working with LAUDO. 6 months of intense work, I lost counting of all the meetings we had with several nations and countries and lots of incredible people from all asia, but in the end — the result was extraordinary and I am SO proud to present this to you today. 

One more thing though: You might ask yourself why does the WWF work on sustainable finance? Here is what they have to say: „We see finance as a key lever to influence sustainable outcomes. We help financial institutions to reduce their impact on the natural world by taking environmental considerations into account in lending and investment decisions, and providing innovative financial mechanisms which protect and encourage sustainable ecosystems.

Right now there’s a huge amount of investment going into fossil fuels and other unsustainable industries – which poses an enormous threat to the future of the natural world.“

If you want to see the full experience live, here you go


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