Creating a unique card deck
that connects body & soul 

Illustrations, Idea, Design,
Layout, Packaging, Writing 

on and off for more than 3 years
(since perfectionism kicked in a lot and
this has been very meaningful to me) 

What is ‚The Anatomy of Healing‘

‚The Anatomy of Healing‘ is like an emotional treasure map – it can help you find and heal hidden emotions that might be stored in your body and mess with your health. Since we all know which huge impact stress and other worries have on us ‚The Anatomy of Healing‘ offers a unique opportunity to explore our inner world by getting to know ourselves better. This deck is designed to remind us of our power, it doesn’t require any previous knowledge — it’s for everyone and totally beginner-friendly.

Think of it as one more tool in your toolbox which invites you to explore, discover, and nurture the world within you. Just as we water our plants, we also have to water ourselves.

The guidebook, that comes along with the 40 hand drawn cards, offers meaningful insights and reflections about each body part as well as questions to connect. There’s still plenty of room for your own interpretation and this deck serves you as a guide along the way. You’ll notice that it doesn’t take much to connect and listen to your body’s signals. 🙂


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