1or annoying. Really depends!

Did you ever watch Friends and laughed — so hard, that you couldn’t really stop anymore? If this series taught me one thing then it’s definitely „I’ll be there for you“. Might seem a little romantic and overwhelming(1) but that is actually how I feel about working on a project: I’m there, 100%.  

I believe in the good. Good people, good products, good design. Since I can think I wanted to be a graphic designer. Today I’m so proud and honored to make a living from my passion.

A dear friend of mine asked me once if design could change the entire world. Not sure about this, but: It definitely changed mine.

I’m always up for new challenges. My goal for 2020: Clients who become friends or collaborators. Because I don’t want to work for them – but with them. To a more sustainable, environmental-friendly, socially or emotionally meaningful year, filled with topics that I’m allowed to visualize. So looking forward! 

I’m Fran. German Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Art Director with a Mexican heart. Based in Berlin since late 2018. Besides I lived and worked in Mexico-City and Kuala Lumpur. 

Ideas and excited about it?



If you can’t sleep

and you wanna laugh



Abierto Mexicano De Diseño, Mexico-City, 2017
Vitrina, Mexico-City, 2017
Campamento De Diseño, Guadalajara, 2017
Collecteral, Kuala Lumpur, 2016
Schnittmenge, Hannover, 2015


Design made in Germany

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